Our Services

Roll-Off Pick-Up & Delivery

Tri-State Scrap offers the best on-site drop-off around. Your old scrap metal has wasted too much time sitting around your property. With Tri-State Scrap, we’ll work with your schedule to make cleaning out your clutter simple and easy. One call will get our spacious bins to you, letting you haul away all the scrap you need gone from your property. No trucking, no wait, no stress.

As everyone has different needs for every job, Tri-State Scrap will work with you to make this the easiest take-away possible. Working around your schedule, our trucks will drop off a box and either leave it until it’s full, or schedule a pickup around what you need. Tri-State Scrap’s first priority is to make this simple for you.

Whether for a personal job, a non-profit project, or part of your company’s everyday activity, Tri-State Scrap is here to give you the exact product you need. At Tri-State Scrap, we take the pressure of dealing with scrap out of your worries completely.

Give us a call today and you can have a box dropped off quickly to make the removal of all of your scrap metal the simplest job possible. Don’t worry about hauling, don’t worry about tight deadlines. With Tri-State Scrap, all you’ll worry about is what to do with all the new space available on your property.

40' State Certified Scale

Your business is busy. Your time is valuable. The last thing needed right now is delays in calculating how much scrap you have to unload before you can leave. When your time gets wasted, your money gets wasted.

That’s why we have a convenient, accurate scale capable of weighing trucks up to forty feet long. There’s no waiting to calculate the load size. There’s no worrying about accuracy. Just drive your truck on, get weighed, unload, and weigh again.

Our scale is state certified to ensure that it’s accurate and will give you exactly the amount for your scrap that you’ve earned. No money gets left behind on a poorly calibrated scale. Your time is your money, after all, and we want you in and out as quickly as possible to keep your business running smoothly.